Di Nardo's Group

Laboratory of cellular and molecular cardiology,university fo rome “tor vergata”
Group Leader
Paolo Di Nardo, MD
Marilena Minieri, Giancarlo Forte, Francesca Pagliari, Stefania Pagliari, Eugenio Magnani, Giorgia Nardone, Sara Romanazzo, Roberta Fiaccavento, Felicia Carotenuto.
Scientific interests
In vitro and in vivo studies of mesenchymal and cardiac stem cell biology.
Healing of damaged myocardium by means of adult stem cells and biocompatibile scaffolds
Interaction between stem cells and polymeric scaffolds
Effects of fatty acids on skeletal and cardiac muscle cells
Estraction, purification and culture of stem cells derived from different body districts and their cardiac differentiation in standard, dynamic culture conditions and onto polymeric scaffolds
relevant publications
1) Di Nardo P, Forte G, Ahluwalia A, Minieri M. Cardiac Stem Cells: Potency and Control. Review. J Cell Physiol (2010) 224: 590-600.
2) MandoliC,Pagliari F, Pagliari S,Forte G, Di Nardo P, Licoccia S, Traversa E. Stem cell aligned growth induced by CeO2 nanoparticles in PLGA scaffolds with improved bioactivity for regenerative medicine. Adv Funct Mater (2010) 20: 1617-1624
3) Forte G, Franzese O, Pagliari S, Pagliari F, Cossa P, Laudisi A, Di Francesco AM, Fiaccavento R, Carotenuto F, Bonmassar E, Fiaccavento R, Minieri M, Di Nardo P. Interfacing Sca-1pos Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Biocompatible Scaffolds with Different Chemical Composition and Geometry. J Biomed Biotechnol(2009) doi: 10.1155/2009/910610.
4) Forte G, Carotenuto F, Pagliari F, Pagliari S, Cossa P, Fiaccavento R, Ahluwalia A, Vozzi G, Vinci B, Serafino A, Rinaldi A, Traversa E, Carosella L, Minieri M, Di Nardo P. Criticatility of the biological and physical stimuli array inducing resident stem cell determination. Stem Cells (2008) 26: 2093-2103.
5) Soliman S, Pagliari S, Rinaldi A, Forte G, Fiaccavento R, Pagliari F, Minieri M, Di Nardo P, Licoccia S, Traversa E. Multiscale 3D Scaffolds for Soft Tissue Engineering via Multimodal Electrospinning. Acta Biomaterialia(2010) 6: 1227-1237.
Scientific instruments
Cell culture equipment, cell and molecular biology equipment (RT-PCR, FACS, western blot, MACS, cryostat,…),

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