Pagliaro's Group

DEpartment of clinical and biological sciences, university of turin
Group Leader
Pagliaro Pasquale
Stefano Geuna
Penna Claudia
Perrelli Maria Giulia
Stefania Raimondo
Francesca Moro
Scientific interests
Mechanisms of cardioprotection and repair of ischemic injury, mechanisms of differentiation and survival.
Studies with isolated heart and cellular models (mesenchymal stemm cell and H9c2), molecular biology, isolation of subcellular fractions
relevant publications
Penna C, Perrelli MG, Raimondo S, Tullio F, Merlino A, Moro F, Geuna S, Mancardi D, Pagliaro P. Postconditioning induces an anti-apoptotic effect and preserves mitochondrial integrity in isolated rat hearts. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2009 Jul;1787(7):794-801.
Penna C, Raimondo S, Ronchi G, Rastaldo R, Mancardi D, Cappello S, Losano G, Geuna S, Pagliaro P Early homing of adult mesenchymal stem cells in normal and infarcted isolated beating hearts. J Cell Mol Med. 2008 Apr;12(2):507-21.
Pasquinelli G, Orrico C, Foroni L, Bonafè F, Carboni M, Guarnieri C, Raimondo S, Penna C, Geuna S, Pagliaro P, Freyrie A, Stella A, Caldarera CM, Muscari C. Mesenchymal stem cell interaction with a non-woven hyaluronan-based scaffold suitable for tissue repair. J Anat. 2008 Nov;213(5):520-30.
Gallo MP, Ramella R, Alloatti G, Penna C, Pagliaro P, Marcantoni A, Bonafé F, Losano G, Levi R. Limited plasticity of mesenchymal stem cells cocultured with adult cardiomyocytes. J Cell Biochem. 2007 Jan 1;100(1):86-99.
Raimondo S, Penna C, Pagliaro P, Geuna S.Morphological characterization of GFP stably transfected adult mesenchymal bone marrow stem cells. J Anat. 2006 Jan;208(1):3-12.
Scientific instruments
Incubators; System of perfusion for isolated heart, Confocal microscope ZEISS LSM-510, Electronic Microscope JOL 10-10, Optima LE-80K Ultracentrifuge. Hypoxic chamber; System for western blotting analysis.

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