Viola's Group

Group Leader
Dr Antonella Viola
Debora Avella
Elisa Cerutti
Javier Cibella
Rita Lucia Contento
Francesca Dionisio
Marinos Kallikourdis
Cristina Mazzon
Sara Morlacchi
Adelaida Sarukhan
Cristiana Soldani
Anna Elisa Trovato
Lucia Zanotti
Mary Wang
Scientific interests
Adaptive Immune response modulation in physio-pathologic conditions:
- Calcium signalling in T cell activation in vitro and in lymphnode microenviroment
- Role of Agrin in T cell activation and migration
- Mechanisms underlying T regulatory cells immunosuppressive properties
- Study of immunomodulatory capacity of Mesenchimal Stem Cell
- Role of CXCR4 chemochine receptor in WHIM syndrome
- Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes
Hysto-pathology and immunohystochemistry
In vivo models of antigen-specific inflammation
In vitro T cells activation assay (human and mouse)
relevant publications
V. Bronte, T. Kasic, G. Gri, K. Gallana, G. Borsellino, I. Marigo, L. Battistini, M. Iafrate, T. Prayer-Galetti, F. Pagano and A. Viola. 2005. Boosting anti-tumor responses of T lymphocytes infiltrating human prostate cancers. The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 201:1257-68.
B. Molon, G. Gri, M. Bettella, C. Goumez-Mouton, A. Lanzavechia, C. Martinez-A, S. Manes and A. Viola. 2005. T cell costimulation by chemokine receptors. Nature Immunology, 6:465-71 .
R. Tavano, R.L. Contento, S.J. Baranda, M. Soligo, L. Tuosto, S. Manes and A. Viola. 2006. CD28 interaction with filamin-A controls lipid raft accumulation at the T cell immunological synapse. Nature Cell Biology, 8:1270-1276
R.L. Contento, B. Molon, C. Boularan, T. Pozzan, S. Manes, S. Marullo and A. Viola. 2008. CXCR4-CCR5: a couple modulating T-cell functions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Jul 22;105(29):10101-6. Epub 2008 Jul 15.
Dal Secco V, Soldani C, Debrat C, Asperti-Boursin F, Donnadieu E, Viola A, Sarukhan A. 2009. Tunable chemokine production by antigen presenting dendritic cells in response to changes in regulatory T cell frequency in mouse reactive lymph nodes. PLoS One. Nov 6;4(11):e7696.
Scientific instruments
Flow cytometers FACSCanto and FACSAria; Perkin Elmer 7990HT Real-Time PCR system; Video Imaging Systems CellR IX81 (Olympus); Confocal Microscope FV1000 (Olympus), furnished with cage incubator (CO2 and temperature control) and micromanipulator (specific applications: xz stacks, FRET, photo-bleaching); Confocal Microscope FV1000 (Olympus), furnished with cage incubator (CO2 and temperature control) and the EVA modulus for TIRF; Luminescent fluorimeter; Multiphoton microscope system Trim Scope II (LaVision Biotech) with single and multi beam functionality equipped with an xyz-stage for intravital microscopy and designed to allow running of complex protocols including FLIM, FRAP, Uncaging and Photo Activation.

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